Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out Galivantin' Around

We've been out and about quite a bit lately. One day, we took a day trip to Kingston and Hillsboro, both of which I'll try to cover in a future blog. But for today, I want to post a few pictures that I shot on the way to these tiny hamlets.

The day started out when we spotted a high flying bird. I shot a bunch of pictures, but only one came out. My new camera have an auto tracking function which I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

I'm not 100% pleased with this shot
but it's the best of what I got.

It's spring here in the desert
and the green shines
incredibly bright
against the azure skies.

It was just a bit breezy,
but I thought this movement
made the green seem even more intense.

We pulled out at an overlook
and there was this lovely pale golden grass
growing all around the perimeter.

I've been reading about a photo technique
called Bokeh.
The technique intrigues me.

As I understand it,
is what happens when a part of a photo
is in sharp focus,
and the rest of the photo,
generally the background,
is soft and blurred.

So I think this series of grass shots
might be good examples
of Bokeh.

Or maybe not.
If any readers know about Bokeh,
I'd like to hear more.

I do know that this next shot is
definitely not Bokeh.

But I like the color and the light.

This next one really needs to be enlarged
(just click).
I usually like clouds in my shots,
but the lone tree against the sparse sky
worked for me this time.

We also stopped and visited an iris garden.

I saved this shot for last,
it's my favorite of the day.

As always,


Sistertex said...

Hi Kate,
I think my 'favorites' were the green leaves against the blue sky, it was like you could almost see little pinpricks of light right through the leaves, very cool. And your favorite (the last photo) is a very good example of Bokeh. Very nice! Thanks Kate!

photowannabe said...

Nice, nice , nice as usual. I really like the first shot of the bird in flight with the contrast.