Sunday, May 31, 2009

Serious Hikers

We continue to learn.

Ghost Ranch is home to many different people. Some stay for years, others for a short time and some for just one night. The diversity is fascinating.

One group we've never encountered before are long distance hikers. Yesterday, we had four people who are hiking from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Two were single men and the other two were a lovely couple from Scotland. Today we met another hiker who is making the same journey.

These folks are quite amazing, once again we've discovered a whole sub culture of which we were totally unaware.

This is a group of individuals who have decided that hardcore long term hiking is their passion, and their rewards are numerous. Not only are they in superb physical condition, but they are seeing this beautiful country in a way most of us miss. Chatting with them has been an eye opening experience, and I believe we'll meet many more of their ilk throughout our stay here.

Ghost Ranch is a perfect stopover for these folks. Our campground has a microwave and refrigerator as well as clean hot showers. Campers also have the option of eating in the Ghost Ranch Dining Hall, which for many of these hikers is a rare chance for a hot meal.

Ghost Ranch also allows people to receive mail here, which is perfect for these hikers. They way it works for long term hikers is they figure out how much trail food they can carry for a predetermined period of time. Then, they set up resupply packages to be sent to them at specific places along their route. Since these hikers travel light, many use Ghost Ranch as a zero day (a day in which they travel zero miles) letting them eat a hot meal, have a hot shower and resupply their larders, all in the natural beauty of Ghost Ranch. Perfect.

Much like RVing, this is a whole new culture, one which I find so interesting.

If you'd like to read more about these hikers, they have a website with journals, maps, tips and just about any info you can imagine. It engaging reading. You can find the website here.

I love learning about new people and their passions.

Just one more thing . . .

The photo at the top of the page has nothing to do with this entry, other than it is one more astounding view of the scenery here at Ghost Ranch.


Jim and Gayle said...

Enjoyed your comments as usual. It is an interesting world. Jim

Anonymous said...

That si what I love about travel, the cultures you find in any new place!

photowannabe said...

Your new digs sound fascinating. Its a wonderful way to meet all sorts of people. Terrific pictures as usual too Kate.
Sure wish we were closer.