Sunday, January 3, 2010

3d at Ghost Ranch

OK, I admit it, I am a complete sucker for geeky toys.

As a child I LOVED my Viewmaster and its' ability to take me into wondrous lands in stunning 3D.

So, as I posted earlier today, the idea that I could take true 3D pictures with my iPhone really got me excited.

While I'm sure there must be software somewhere that will allow me to do this with my regular photos, the iPhone does it all in just a minute or two, and really well!

While these may not be my best photos, I sure had a good time taking them. So sit yourself down, get out your 3D glasses and sit back and enjoy.

Remember that these will look better if you click on each one for a larger version.

Also, remember, I'm new at this and I didn't always remember to get something wonderful in the foreground.

While the chimneys
didn't pop like I wanted,
I liked the grasses in the front.
First lesson,
close is better.

Not perfect,
but I liked that you could tell
that the red mounds
are quite a ways
in front of the cliffs at the rear

Gerald's Tree Number One
You can actually tell
that the tree
is in the front.

I might be getting
the hang of this.

Gerald's Tree Number Two

Now THIS is 3D!

Tree and Chimney

Love the grasses and flowers
in the foreground

The dead pinion
really lends itself to 3D

If you really want the full effect,
Put a person,
(in this case Bill),
in the center of the shot

My favorite composition
of the day

Too Much Fun . . .
Which one do you like the best?


info said...

Great to see so many 3D photos! One tip that will make a big difference in the 3D quality of your photos is to only move the camera horizontally between shots. Most of these photos seem to have vertical misalignment. You can re-load them in 3D Camera and re-align them by dragging on the image. Pick a feature in each photo and make sure that the same feature in the second photo is level with it (for example, the top of a mountain or the branch in a tree). This should make a big difference.

Kate said...

I DID align them horizontally, and I did reload several of them, these were just the best I could get.

Hopefully I'll get better, but these were honestly the best of a bunch of shots.

And it would be really great if you would sign your posts rather than posting anonymously.


info said...

Didn't intend to be anonymous, but this is Martin at Juicy Bits, the maker of 3D Camera. I guess our Google account only shows "info," since that's the e-mail address we registered with a long while back.

Keep up the great photos!


Kate said...


It's a great ap, I'm having a wonderful time with it!

Will it ever support landscape mode? I
d love to see that (and a zoom!).