Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back at the Bosque!

If you're a regular reader, I guess you'd better prepare yourself for a bunch of bird pictures, because we're back at Bosque del Apache!

It took us a couple of days to get settled, and tonight we took our first sunset jaunt out to watch the cranes settle in for the evening.

The following pictures aren't all that great, but it seems like each year I have to start somewhere, so here goes.

the sunset

While this is a fairly dark shot,
I'm a huge fan
of the Sandhill Crane
when it's coming in for a landing

I'm also a fan of
the Sandhill Crane in flight
you can click to enlarge)

I guess you could say
I love just about everything
about the Sandhill Cranes.
I find them endlessly fascinating

So awkward
yet so graceful

I'm including this next shot
to remind you
to never delete a photo
from your camera.

This is a really poor shot
too dark
too blurry

But thanks to Photoshop
look what we can get.

This is the cutout filter

And this is the Neon Glow Filter

And this is my very favorite
the Poster Edge Filter
I LOVE the look of this

One more shot of the evening fly-in
but there will be many more
in the coming month

I'm so happy we're back!


Sistertex said...

Beautiful shots!

Say, you left Ghost Ranch...? Going back?

Kate said...

Yes, we left the ranch. As I mentioned several posts ago, we just hated the snow and the cold. We'll most likely return for the summer months.


photowannabe said...

Awesome treatments to the picture. I think I would go camera crazy seeing all the cranes.