Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just a short quick post here.

Tonight we are in Albuquerque, and there is NO SNOW, huzzah!

We're at a charming little RV Park called Enchanted Trails, very 1940s. There are several vintage trailer/auto combinations here at the park and hopefully, I'll get some photos before we leave. The best part of staying here is that they are a Passport America Park so we stay for $15.00 a night, full hook ups. Not as good as Birdwatchers RV at the Bosque, but not bad for Albuquerque.

This evening, we had an excellent buffet dinner at the Route 66 Casino. A giant fresh salad bar, prime rib, chicken, pork roulade, Asian food, Italian food, New Mexican food and a gigantic dessert bar. Now we're both stuffed, and the cost? For the two of us, $10.00!

Gotta love these casinos.

We'll be here for a couple of days, doing chores, stocking up and hopefully taking in Avatar in 3D.

Then we're off to Bosque del Apache to play with the birds.

What a good life we have.

On a completely unrelated topic, here's a tip I just read about over on LifeHacker.

Do you have a bunch of email lists you've subscribed to over the years? Rather than taking the time to unsubscribe, I just usually delete them, but over time, they have really added up.

Maybe this is the case for you also.

If you go into your mail program and so a search for "unsubscribe" you should see a list of all emails in your box that have that phrase. Then you can simply go through and unsubscribe from there, all at one time.

This is such an obvious thing, but like so many other things, I have to admit it never occurred to me, so I thought I'd pass it on.

Now I'm going to go and watch the amazing Marlene Dietrich in the Scarlet Empress.

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