Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Aging, and Again, the Grand Canyon

Today I am 62 years old.

I remember when that seemed so old.

But now? Not so much.

I feel terrific. Alive, vibrant and supremely happy with my life, is that not the most wonderful thing? I have the life I've chosen for myself, and I have a wonderful man who loves me completely.

I guess 62 isn't so bad, at least from where I'm standing.

Okay, enough about me, on to some more pictures of the Grand Canyon.

In looking a my shots, I can't even begin to imagine how many pictures I would have taken if we had stayed longer than just a few hours!

Since I have so many pictures, I thought I'd start at the end of our trip. Don't ask why, I just will.

That will be at the Watchtower.
This was our first sighting of the Tower

This is one of my favorite places
at the Grand Canyon

Built in 1932
by Fred Harvey and the Santa Fe Railroad
it's a truly beautiful structure.

And it was designed by a woman!
Her name was Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter.

Every time I've been to the Grand Canyon
I've always visited this Tower.

It's at the eastern end of the southern rim,
but always worth the drive.

The Tower is 70 feet high.
Each floor offers a cornucopia
of art and design.

As you travel up the staircase
each floor offers
a different view of the Canyon
as well as different
Native American artwork.

Not only does the artwork differ
from floor to floor,
but as you climb
higher into the Tower,
your views of the artwork change.

My pictures really can't do it justice.

I'm particularly fascinated
by the way the angles of the Tower
interact with the artwork
to create a whole different presentation.

Remember that you can click
on any picture for a larger view.

The color on some of these pictures
is way off,
but I chose not to use my flash.
I often find I like the effect better.

One more shot of the dazzling colors.

It was a lot of work going up the stairs,
but really scary coming down.
They're really narrow and steep.

I really liked these signs,
they're scattered throughout the Tower.
I like how they look old and funky
instead of all bright and shiny and new.
They fit right in
with the d├ęcor of the Tower.

One last shot as we were walking away.

The weather was cold and windy
and towards the end of the day
we could see these
black clouds approaching.
They made for great light.

I thought I should include
at least one picture of the Canyon itself.

In the next couple of days,
I'll try to post some more pictures
of our day at the Grand Canyon.

Hopefully, you won't get tired of them!


photowannabe said...

A very Happy Birthday dear friend. I know you will have a super day.
You sound so happy with your life. That's the best gift of all.
Beautiful Grand Canyon pictures by the way. Its been so many years since we were there that i am living vicariously thru yours.

Jonna said...

Hey amiga! Happy Birthday!! Lots of love and birthday wishes coming at you from both of us.

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Kate!
I love these glimpses of the Grand Canyon. I've never been (can you believe it?) so your images are helping me to remember why I need to make there sometime soon.

Julie and Lisa said...

Happy birthday (belated!), Kate. We actually watched the Bobby Flay throwdown rerun last night and said "hello" to you on our screen. Food Network must've known it was your birthday....