Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the Fires

I keep reading about the fires in my beloved southwest. It breaks my heart, and I feel so helpless. I watch the news online, but it seems the information is so scattered and inconsistent.

Fires to the west of the Bosque, fires to the east of of Santa Fe. Los Alamos has now been evacuated and who knows what the outcome of that fire will be?

The long term impact of this horrible season is going to be with us for years to come. The loss to the delicate, fragile ecosystem, the consequences to the indigenous wildlife, who knows how long we will suffer the impact of these blazes?

I wish I had more to say on the subject, but I just needed to note my concern.


Merikay said...

And I have not had a chance to see that beautiful part of our country . :~(

Nancy said...

I know. Debbie and I were planning to scoot down to Santa Fe for the long weekend, but changed our plans because of the fires.