Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memories (again)

There are so many things I've been looking for and haven't found yet. I ask myself, did I already sell it some years ago? Did I sell it since we've been home and I can't remember?

Am I losing my mind?

Some times I think so.

A while back, we came across a stash of old records. 45s, 33s and even some 78s. We sorted them then took them to the auction. In looking through them, I felt like there weren't near enough. What happened to all the records I loved when I was young? None of them were there. Terry mentioned that we had gotten rid of a bunch the last time we were home, so maybe that's where they went?

I have to admit I just couldn't remember.

Today, in the back of the room (the dreaded room) we found four huge boxes, and there they were. Once again, the memories flooded in.

Do any of you out there remember White Front? A sort of precursor to Wal-Mart, I can still remember, clear as a bell, the day I walked in to the local White Front and bought this record. God, the Beatles were so cool when I was 14. I still love them, but there's nothing like that teenage angst. I wanted to marry Paul.

Now it seems this record may be worth a bit of money. I hope so. I have similar hopes for the rest of my Beatles, Rolling Stones, Donovan, Big Brother, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, wow, the list is long! The records are in pretty good condition, the covers not so much.

Wish me luck.

I also found a box of Christmas ornaments. In the bottom was a huge stack of Christmas cards from 1995. Wow, did we used to get a lot of Christmas cards! Looking through them brought back a lot of memories. We've lost so many friends, it was wonderful to remember them. Others, we've just lost touch with, but it was kind of cool to see how many we've reconnected with due to the blog.

I also came across a real blast from the past in the form of my Miss Zip banner. What was Miss Zip you ask? Back in the day, when I was much younger and much thinner, I was asked to represent the San Jose Post Office at trade shows and other such events. It basically meant standing around and answering questions about the Post Office while sporting a banner like some kind of beauty queen. I'd assumed it had gone the way of so many other things in my life, but at the bottom of a trunk of old tie dyed pieces (and that's a whole other story) there was my Miss Zip banner.

The memories just keep coming.

In dealing with all our stuff, I got to thinking about my collecting ways. You know, since we've been in the motorhome, I still continue to collect, I just do it differently. If I find something I truly love, if it fits, I usually get it; but when the rig starts looking too full to me, I go through and clear out.

And you know what? It seems a lot easier to clear the rig than it's ever been to clear things out of the house.

Now I look for smaller things.
Like these.

Now we collect small pins that strike our fancy. We don't find too may (this is the whole five year collection), but it's a fun thing to watch for. We like geckos and iguanas, but generally pick up anything we particularly like.

I hope we can keep on with the house. We seem to go in spurts, some weeks we get a lot done. Other weeks, we can't seem to get out of our own way.

Still, we're making progress.


Jim and Gayle said...

Maybe you will have better luck in CA. When we sold our record collection we didn't get much, and had lots of old Beatles, etc. Unless they were unopened, nobody wanted them.

Paula said...

Hey, sweetie--I remember White Front! I think....

I still have all of my Beatles albums and 45s. (My ticket stubs from the 1965 Hollywood Bowl and 1966 Dodger Stadium concerts are tucked inside the Hollywood Bowl album). You should do well with your albums.

Love the pins. (I just got the Happiest Millionaire 35th anniversary pin from H's auction.)

Miss you lots!

Donna K said...

What wonderful memories...and that album!!! WOW! Sure hope you make some money on that. Sometimes it's hard to let things go. The emotional connection tugs at the heartstrings.

Son't forget to take a break once in a while and maybe a short will help refresh you and get you back in the mood to clear out some more.

I was hoping for a picture of you with the Miss Zip banner...

photowannabe said...

So glad you are making progress. I remember White Front too. Did plenty of shopping there in its hay-day.
Love your "smalls" collection.
Hope we can make it down to your place one of these days. Life sure gets complicated sometimes.

Merikay said...

Sorting has come to a halt around here. Planning on just being part timers has taken a lot of stress away.

ain't for city gals said...

I'm thinking the Beatle album should do good..yay! Looking forward to reading your past and future posts.