Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another iPad Test Part 2

I'm still playing with all this photo stuff.

Late last night I posted this from my iPad.

This morning, in looking at it, I now understand the limitations.

While it would be fine if my computer wasn't available, and it would certainly be handy, I''m not completely happy with this method for posting.

I love to post my pictures large. I understand that it takes longer to load these images and for that, I apologize, but as a memory book for me, I like them large. And for checking the quality of the photo, large is always better.

Unfortunately, it seems that when I post from the iPad (or the iPhone), I lose control over the size of the pictures.

So while I may be posting from the iPad occasionally, I will most likely continue to post from the computer.

If this topic interests you at all, take a look at the photos below. These are the same pictures I posted yesterday, taken with the iPhone 4s and edited with my iPad (using the excellent ProCamera app both for the photography and the editing),

As posted yesterday, the size, when clicked on, remains the same. However when I post from the computer, I can specify the size I prefer for the clicked on picture.

If you're still with me here, this first is the original picture, taken as I mentioned using ProCamera. I like this camera app because unlike other iPhone camera apps, it allows you to select separate focus and exposure points before you shoot your picture. It also allows you control over the white balance before you shoot, and it shoots at full resolution. It's a great deal at $299.

Anyhow, back to the pictures.
The original.
This area is quite dark
except for the overhead LED light.
By picking different focus and exposure modes,
I got the shot I wanted

Here, I played around a bit
with sharpening and saturation.
While not a great shot,
I like the composition
and the slight desaturated look.

And here's the one I like the best
(click to enlarge).
A sepia filter has been applied,
again, a bit of play with saturation levels,
and finally, a bit of softening.
Normally I prefer my pictures sharp and clean,
but lately I find myself drawn to
a sort of muted, dreamy effect.

My exploration of digital photography
and manipulation continues.


Donna K said...

It is certainly fun to play around with photos and change the way they look. I love digital photography.

Teri said...

I'm not into photography, but I'm curious about the curtains hanging behind your cooktop. Do you cook on that?

Kate said...


Yes, I cook ALL the time, and the curtains have been there for close to five years.They're further back than they appear in the picture, but you're not the first person to express concern.