Saturday, November 12, 2011


Just a bit of rambling today.

I value our friends, what would our life be without them?

One of the pleasures of being back here has been reconnecting with old friends. Some I contacted immediately, others I run into here and there, and the connection is immediately, happily re-established.

But this last week, we've had the pleasure of enjoying friends who are also RVers.

And we've been reminded of a simple truth.

While we love all our friends, there seems to be a special bond between those of us who live the RV lifestyle.

There's no having to explain the joy of living in a small confined space. We all instinctively understand the difference between a house that moves and a stick house. We know the joy of going to bed (in your very own bed) and waking up in the morning, looking outside and realizing you're in a whole new environment.

We understand the reality of conserving resources because we live it every day. Water, electricity, propane, we all understand pretty much how they work and the need (and ways) to conserve. We understand shopping for groceries, keeping in mind smaller cabinets and a smaller refrigerator. We understand cooking in a tight, well stocked kitchen, having all the necessary implements, but nothing extraneous.

It's a lifestyle that is hard to explain to those who haven't lived it.

And while I cherish and treasure my old friends, it is so wonderful to spend time with new friends who understand the direction our lives have taken.

I wanted to post this because I guess I'd forgotten . . .

"Two may talk together
under the same roof for many years,
yet never really meet;
and two others at first speech
are old friends."
- Mary Catherwood


Judy and Emma said...

Interesting quote!

The Hollingers said...

Very true. We have lots of friends all over but none had RV's. Now we have met new friends through blogging and we seem to have an instant kinship. Take care and safe travels! Judy from Rvlifeonwheels.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We're with you in spirit, kids. Still living over wheels, but they don't do any rolling. Will roll again once in a while this winter, and some next summer.

Donna K said...

Here's to friendship. The worst part is saying farewell when it's time to move on, but at least with our home on wheels, we know we WILL meet again. The paths that friendships make in our hearts are never lost.

Levonne said...

You're so very right. Love your post today. And would love to go shooting with you!