Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have a Code in By Dose

Boo hiss, I have a cold.
Sore throat, drippy nose
and I feel like I've been beat up
with a sack of oranges.

All I want to do is lay around,
blow my nose and eat
(I seem to be of the feed a cold persuasion).
And of course we need to go grocery shopping.
What to do?

Scavenge the cupboards!
Let's see, I have canned chicken,
onions, cheese and tortillas.
Looks like enchiladas to me.

Unlike most, I prefer flour tortillas
in my enchiladas.
Actually, I prefer flour tortillas
most of the time.
I especially like the raw ones that you cook yourself.
Costco has an excellent brand.

So I take the canned chicken,
chop up an onion, add garlic powder,
cumin and a bit of green enchilada sauce.
Then I cook the tortillas
and put a bit of green enchilada sauce
inside each one.
Then I load it up with chicken mix,
add a few thick slices of pepper jack cheese,
and finally a hefty glop
of shredded Mexican cheese.

Roll em up,
place them in a 9x9 pan,
cover the whole thing
with the rest of the sauce
and lots more cheese.
Then it's in the oven.

Now, this is true comfort food.

And I'm going back to bed.


Donna K said...

Oh Kate I'm sorry to hear that the cold really took hold of you. Guess we got out of there just in time lol!Feel better fast and in the meantime, enjoy those enchiladas.

Jim and Sandie said...

Colds are just lousy. Hope yours doesn't last too long. I'm amazed you had enough energy to throw the enchiladas together.

Merikay said...

I'd love to read about your driving school experience, but when I try the URL you put in my comments, I get a page not found message.
Sorry you feel so terrible. It's no fun to have a cold.

Russ Krecklow said...

Enchiladas are one of my favorite things. If Donna wasn't planing to make them here soon, we'd have to come right back up there to your place! Only then, you'd have to make a whole lot more!! How big a pan can you fit in your oven?

Sorry to hear you with that cold. We were starting to feel a little damp there, too. So happy to be in the sun. Won't make you feel bad...but wish you were here!