Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Have a (new) Hole in My Eye!

Continuing the idea of modern day miracles from yesterday, today, in a matter of minutes, I have new hole in my eye.

Well, not really.

What happened is this.

I have (traumatic) glaucoma, which means that my eyes have a tendency to not drain as they should, resulting in excessive pressure. Not a good thing! For years now, I've been on a combination of eye drops to keep the pressure under control.

Then, last week, my Doctor mentioned that we might go another route, using a laser to enlarge the hole that drains the fluid from my eye.

Wow, this sounds like just the ticket, so I agreed.

And today, in a matter of minutes, it was done.

Can you imagine something like this even 50 years ago? In a few weeks we'll check the progress and if all looks good, I'll have the other eye done, and hopefully, no more eye drops!

And even though my eye was a bit sore, I managed to take a few shots with my iPhone on the way home (from a moving car, so bear with me).

This was a really beautiful tree outside the hospital.
It looked like a Christmas tree
that had lost all its' needles,
but still had a tons of round Christmas decorations
hanging from its' boughs
(click to enlarge)

And this was taken
as we were driving "over the hill"
from San Jose to Santa Cruz

That's it for today!


Gaelyn said...

Medical science is amazing. Sure hope this works for you.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Well, that would be a great thing! Good luck.

Russ Krecklow said...

Neat pictures. That new hole hasn't changed your eye for pictures! Glad you're doing well. Say "Hi" to Terry for me.

E Squared and Mui said...

Hope the treatment works as expected.

photowannabe said...

Amazing what can be done today. Glad you have a progressive Doc.
I hope this will do the trick and no more drops.
Great photos from your phone. We have one of those trees in our side yard. Its very artistic but drops those prickly balls everywhere, (especially into the neighbors pool) She's not a happy camper!