Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Movie(s)!

As I said in the previous post, I just could not get those sea dragons to stay still for a picture!

Then, I remembered my iPhone.

Now let me start by saying that other than the occasional whatever, I've barely used this function of my phone, and I never use the video on my camera.

This means, I'm pretty shaky, and don't pay a lot of attention to things like background noise.

Editing? What's that? But maybe I'll get better.

Excuses aside,
here's the Leafy Sea Dragon in motion.

And here's my very favorite,
the Weedy Sea Dragon

Are these not the most amazing creatures you've seen in a very long time? So beautiful and so unreal at the same time, they remind me of something right out of the science fiction of my youth.

Particularly the Weedy Sea Dragon. To me he would be right at home on Avatar . .

And now, just because I can (you can blame Donna for this) here's one more of the jelly fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Wow, I could get to like this video thing.

Maybe I'll even learn how to edit a bit, who knows?


Jim and Sandie said...

Absolutely incredible pictures and the videos. They are so beautiful. Thank you.

Gaelyn said...

The seahorses are like fairy queen and king. And the motion of the jellyfish is dance. I enjoy video, but rarely remember to take any. Maybe that's because landscapes don't move much and that's what I focus on. Nice job. You can use MovieMaker to silence your video and then add music or narrative if you want.

Donna K said...

Kate I have watched these over and over. Love it - we gotta get down there again.

Russ Krecklow said...

Wow, Kate, who knew that you could even do this!! Those are great movies, and I love watching them. What a wonderful place to take some cool pictures!! Thanks for sharing. You did great!!

Lorna... said...

Mesmerizing! Goog job Kate!