Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow, Slideshows (Link Now Fixed)

By now, everyone's heard that Apple has announced a new iPad. And if you've been reading this blog for any time at all, you can just imagine how excited I am with this news. The new iPad will have an awesome display, and since I use my iPad for my photography, this will fit the bill perfectly.

And Terry is pretty excited about getting my old iPad, so we'll both be happy campers.

Since I have to wait till March 16 to get the new iPad, I've been researching some of the new software that will take advantage of the faster processor and improved screen of the new iPad (but still work on the 2nd generation devices).

Today I took a look at iPhoto. Now iPhoto on the computer has been an Apple staple for years. That said, I've not been a huge fan, migrating to Photoshop years ago and just sticking with it (because, you know, I'm lazy and can only fit so many things in my aging brain).

But iPhoto on the iPad might be a different ball of wax, so for $4.99 I decided to take a look.

I have a lot of photo editing software on my iPad, and so far, I find iPhoto for the iPad ok, but not great, at least for editing pictures. As time goes by I may find I like it better. But then today I discovered a function they've incorporated called "Journals". Really a way of quickly and easily creating collages that also function as slideshows, this is just about the neatest thing I've seen in a while. And it's quick and very easy.

Remember, I've only had time to play with it for a short while, and still haven't figured it all out, so this isn't a great showing. Still, I thought I'd post some pictures from today and see what everybody thinks of this new way of displaying photos.

When you first open it, it will show as a collage on a webpage. Then, if you like, you can click on any photo for a full sized view. This also opens the slideshow function. Now here's where it get really cool . . . If you click on the 2 little arrows on the right bottom, the slideshow becomes fullscreen.

Then, when you're done, simply hit escape and it will return you to your browser.

While I'm not going to give up my regular blog format for this, I sure like the idea of using it for archiving some of my favorite photos.

To see this slick new way of displaying photos, click here.


E Squared and Mui said...

I use Lightroom to process my photos, so haven't really done much with iPhoto ... maybe someday when I have more free time, I'll play around with. I do like the slideshow feature; I keep my photos on SmugMug and have used their slideshow feature at times.

photowannabe said...

I admire your being able to do all these new things. My poor brain just doesn't cooperate.
When Steve finishes editing his latest wedding photo gig he is going to help me with my laptop. It still has some juice in it so I think we can rescue pictures, etc.
Using Dave's desktop now and then so I can at least keep up with a few things.
Thanks for your condolences.
Oh yes,
Happy anniversary tomorrow!!

Aeagles said...

Hi Kate, The new font is way too hard to read. I tried but it made me go back to my RSS feed and be able to relax with text I could easily read. Those serifs did me in! I ordered an iPad also. Can't wait!