Friday, March 30, 2012

Roaring Camp-a Photo Blog

We've been walking in Henry Cowell State Park lately, but right behind Henry Cowell sits Roaring Camp Railroad.

Today, we walked over to the property. We didn't get to ride a train (bad timing) but we took a bunch of pictures.

Terry took this one using his iPhone and AutoStitch
(click to enlarge)

My shot,
with the camera right on the rails

Lots of old equipment.

I liked this leaf . . .

And this rusty boiler

There were roses

and Gold Miners

and kitties

It was a beautiful day

I'm always attracted to piles of rust

There's also a duck pond

with ducks!

I loved this guys feet

And this one's attitude

I like reflections in water too . . .

As we were leaving,
we spied these deer in the meadow
(click to enlarge)

That's it for today


Miss Lazee said...

Your photos always make me Smile Out Loud Kate!

Thank You for that.


Jerry and Suzy said...

What a fine day in the redwoods! Makes us want to get back on the road, which we will in a couple of weeks. Maybe we'll even post about it. Your pictures were superb. The old rusty iron always draws a camera for some reason. Thanks for sharing your day.

Gaelyn said...

This place has it all, wonderful rust, old stuff and nature.

Donna K said...

Great photos and I couldn't help noticing that very blue sky! What is that bird/duck with the strange feet? I see they erected a statue of Terry - that's good. I have an attraction for Russ too...oh you said RUST...same thing hahaa!!

Paula said...

What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing it with us. Love your photos as always. You have such a fine eye.

Nancy said...

Like Donna, I'm curious about that duck with the strange feet. I saw these birds when I was in AZ and asked some people what they were while I was out walking, but no one I asked knew. Anyone here know?

edlfrey said...

I'm not much of a birder but I'm pretty sure that is an American Coot also known more commonly as a Mudhen.