Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dregs of LA

Well, the last of my pictures
(at least from the Los Angeles trip).

All of these were taken with the iPhone,
and feature a variety of subjects.

This is Tiger, I took this using Camera Fun.
It's a free app the lets you see results
live before you shoot.
This effect is called Canvas.

I wish I could remember what app I used for this.
Probably Instagram, but I can't say for sure
We were driving down the freeway
and I liked the look of the sky.

Just a plain shot,
taken as we were driving
(not me, but the car was moving)

This was taken at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater
after the Mary Blair event.
Probably as close as I'll get to the Oscars!

This was taken during our
visit to the first Apple Store in
the Glendale Galleria.

On the Jungle Boat Cruise in Disneyland.

Inside the Haunted Mansion,
shot from a moving car in the dark.
I was pretty pleased with the results,
since I'd never use my real camera in a dark ride.

This is the tree that was the model
for the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.
Isn't it a beauty?

I was pretty happy with this shot.
Taken in Downtown Disney
at night, hand held,
I did just a bit of manipulation.

Once again, I have to say I'm really impressed with the camera in the iPhone 4s (are you sick of hearing this yet?). While I don't think I'll be giving up my Canon yet, it's just so darned handy to have the phone. And with the new operating system for iPhones (ios5), now even when the phone is off, it's a quick one second access to the camera, making it my go to choice when an quick photo op arises.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just One Shot

I was down in Santa Cruz
at the Magic Hour
and caught this one shot
(with my iPhone 4s).

Friday, October 28, 2011


A few days ago, I wrote about the Steampunk exhibit, and today I'm showing some pictures.

In honor of the movement, I've done a bit of coloring of the photos. Except for a few, most will be presented without comment.

This is a Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit.

He actually walks!

I liked to expression
on this gentleman's face.

This is what you get
when you tell your friends
"I want a picture,
but don't look at the camera . . .".

Doesn't this guy look kind of sinister?
Cool, but slightly dangerous.
Or maybe a bit deranged?

What can I say?
I loved the whole thing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I loved the parade, but unfortunately, we weren't in the best spot for photography. That said, I did get some shots of the performers.

I have to say, these people are the best. Dancing, smiling, wearing heavy costumes, and keeping it up all along the parade route. And it was hot!

So on with the parade.


I loved this dress.
what fun would it be to twirl in this?

A bit of detail from one of the floats.

Talk about colorful!

I loved this shrimp.

This colorful costume
is based on the colors Mary Blair
used in many of her
South American paintings.

The Arucuan Bird,
again from South America.

I love this detail,
it was some twenty feet up in the air.

More costuming.

Dancers from the Lion King.

This is Evinrude.
Snuck in from the Rescuers.

Butterfly Woman.

Here come
the Mary Poppins Chimney Sweeps.

And Mary herself.
Is this carousel horse something?
It goes up and down,
just like it should.

And here's my favorite float in the parade.
I believe he's the Master of the Hounds.
He's based on one of Kevin's
incredible paper sculptures.

And those are all the pictures
I took of the parade!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Photo Tour of the Park

I've been to Disneyland hundreds of times. Parts of it still hold magic for me, others, not so much.

That said, it is one of my very favorite places to take pictures. There's a never ending supply of people, emotions, backdrops and wondrous creations.

It's just about the perfect spot for photography.

This is a series of memory shots,
lots of big pictures,
so bear with me as we spend
a day in the park.


Practically Perfect in every way . . .

An original costume sketch
of Bert's Jolly Holiday attire
(from Club 33)

This gent was so helpful.
He's a 30 year veteran of Club 33.

This sits in Club 33.
It's been played by the likes of
Paul McCartney and Elton John.

An authentic French ladies commode.
Fortunately it now sits
over indoor plumbing
instead of a chamber pot.

The balcony of Club 33,
above New Orleans Square.

One of my favorite views in Disneyland.

Just a shot I liked.

Again, a view I appreciate.
I think it's the shapes.


Not a great shot,
but the three dimensional quality
of the light appeals to me.

The Castle.
I always take too many pictures
of the Castle.

Like I say,
too many.

It's also good to look down sometimes.

The Mark Twain.

The Haunted Mansion.
All duded up for Halloween.

As were these folks,
portraying the typical 1950s
Disneyland Family.

Tomorrowland at Dusk.

I was so tired,
all I could do was hang out
in the lobby of the Grand Californian.

Where I couldn't even hold my camera still.

All in all, a fine day at Disneyland.