Monday, June 4, 2007

Okay, I'm Back

So much and so little has been happening, but I've decided it's time to get back to blogging. I thought I'd start out with one of the many glorious sunsets we've been experiencing.

As a quick catch up, we are currently at Manzano Mountains State Park. This is a little jewel of a park located about sixty miles south of Albuquerque. We came here sort of by accident but have enjoyed it so much that when the offer was tendered, we decided to try Camp Hosting!

So for now, it looks like we'll stay put for at least a couple of months.

The park is quite different from other areas we've visited in New Mexico, but we are loving it as much as the rest of the state. It sits at 7200 feet elevation, so we're in the forest, but quite different from the forests we've enjoyed in California. We have a variety of ponderosa pines, Gambel's oaks and alligator junipers, all spread wide apart allowing for lots of light. Since the pines (by far the tallest trees) are self pruning, the greenery is high above us in a soft green canopy. The music the winds make as they rustle through the treetops really has to be heard to be fully appreciated.

We have been busy exploring this area, and like so many other places we've found in New Mexico, it's a treasure trove of history, geology and geography.

Just to whet your appetite a bit, here's a photo of the Gran Quivera Pueblo, an incredible site that I'll be detailing in a future entry.

Many of my future blogs will detail the many sites like this in this amazing area, so stay tuned.