Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just a few pics

Yeah, I know, I hardly ever post any more.

I haven't been out shooting in forever.  I seem to be stuck on the idea that if I don't "go somewhere" There isn't anything to take pictures of.

So, I got the camera out and went for a short walk, not really very far.  The following are my favorites.  All have been cropped, photoshopped, etc.

It was a bit damp
bit I loved the shadows cast form the dew
on this spider web

This one reminded me of peas in a pod.

Not a perfect shot by any means,
but I liked the elements in the front.
Wish that bird was in better focus though.

At the last minute, 
this wind sock waved in front of the flower.
Without the flag, I would have tossed this one,
but I like the vibrance added by the flag.

And I just thought the peeling pain was kind of interesting.

Thats it . . . 


Donna K said...

Nice pictures Kate and nice to see a post from you!

Anonymous said...

Proof that you don't have to go far. Your photos are a big reason I visit your blog. Please keep sharing.