Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Horse Massage

Terry was told that Maureen Rogers, a woman who specializes in Equine Craniosacral Massage was coming to the barn for a workshop. 

It turned out they wanted to work on Shea and Terry volunteered to help with the horses.  Good move on his part!

It was a several day workshop and he was right in his element.  On the last day, I came and took some pictures

Maureen is just super.  
In return for his help, 
she spent some time showing him 
how to help Shea feel better.

And Shea has shown much improvement.

She showed Terry just how to help Shea,
where to massage,
how to improve her overall quality of life.

And he took right to it.

She's even eating better since 
he's started working with her.

                                    I love that he's found a horse again,
it makes him so happy.

And when he's happy,
I'm happy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Today I decided to post a few horse photos. 

A lady at the barn told me this horse 
was leaving for a new home 
and asked me to take a few shots. 

He's such a gorgeous horse,

I would have taken his picture anyway!

And so spirited . . .

Here's a shot of her and this lovely animal.

This is Shea,
the horse Terry takes care of.  
Not the best picture, 
I know.

I liked this shot better,
but you can't really see Shea,

That's it for today.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.