Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vintage Trailers

there are LOTS of pictures in this post.

Today, there was an open house 
at a local RV park 
concurrent with a gathering of vintage trailers.  

We heard this and scooted right down to take a look!

Please note that you can click on any photo 
to see a larger version of these beauties.

Wow, what fun.  
I took a lot of photos, 
and most need little to no explanation.

Lots of folks have painted their cars/trucks 
to match their rigs.

Some even had matching bikes.

In this one, 
you can sleep at night 
and take your boat out during the day.

Of course the old aluminum's 
were well represented.

as well as Teardrops.

Hey, who is that good looking fellow?

Nice awning!

The Tiki Coach,

This one kind of looks like 
Cholula Red Junior.

Remember when nameplates looked like this?
I wish they still did.

The canine population was also 
well represented.

This pups dress matched her owners rig,
too cute.

Now lets move on to the interiors.

It was great the way everyone decorated 
                                            to the period of their rig.

Lots of Naugahyde covered benches.

This one even had sparkles.

I simply loved this interior.

Another nicely appointed trailer.

Here's the dinette 
                                    that goes with the previous picture.

I haven't seen this much vintage dinnerware 
since Shady Dell
in Bisbee, Arizona

Melmac was everywhere.
I like Melmac!

Lots of these trailers 
had accoutrements that, 
while they looked great, 
must have to be stowed for travel.
Some had a lot of these.

This 1970 model was found 
tucked away in a barn.  
It's all completely original.
Pretty cool.

I really liked this swan pitcher.
Of course, mine would have to be red.

Now lets take a look 
at some of the vintage cars.

Nice color blue!

If I could find somewhere to put these on our rig, 
you can be sure I would.

I can't remember the name of this car, 
(I'd never heard of it before),
but it was a beauty.

Another fine paint job.

Here's my favorite car of the day.
Think we could tow it?

Thats it!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!



Donna K said...

I sure enjoyed those photos. I remember those old Shasta trailers. And the Aloha one looks very similar to an Aladdin Russ and I used to have. Fun to look at but I think I'll keep my Lazy Daze lol!!

Russ Krecklow said...

Love all those photos, especially that Old Guy! Was that at the park where we stayed?

Anonymous said...

What a super event. Thx for sharing, and yes, I agree, the white and red interior is lovely!

Jim and Gayle said...

I always enjoy seeing old RVs and cars. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Love the one with the boat for the roof. Wonder what is under that when you lift off the boat.

Have seen lots of classic cars I would love to have as a toad.


Jerry and Suzy said...


Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Wow...thanks for sharing all those great pictures, I enjoyed it very much!

Donna said...

I loved this post! That was one cool bunch of vintage trailers.
Thanks for sharing.

Big Matt said...

I love the one trailer with the free standing range, that was pure awesome, along with the old classic porcelined fridge :).

That last car looks like a classic Fiat?

Pam said...

I'm in love! Any place to go online and find out where vintage trailers will be meeting up? So much eye candy!

Unknown said...

How much fun was that!?!?! Thanks!

Sonsie said...

Loved the show! Could the last car have been a Fraser or an old Kaiser? Sorta looks like one from the side view.