Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally . . .

Uh Oh, I really meant to add to the blog every week (at a minimum) and here it has been ten whole days, WHOOPS!

Well, all I can say is I'll try to do better.

We've been vegging quite a bit lately. Actually, we've been immersed in an Australian Science Fiction Series called Farscape. Created by the folks from the Henson Company, it's a pretty amazing piece of television. As we've told so many of you, we like to buy whole seasons of television shows on DVD and then we can watch them when we like, minus commercials and on our own schedule. While this is very convenient and entertaining for us, it does sometimes turn us into hermits.

As I've mentioned before, our very favorite television is usually produced by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly), but Farscape show comes in a close second. While not quite as tight as Buffy or Angel, the show is beautifully produced, very well acted and explores ideas usually ignored by most television.

If you get the chance, you might want to give it a look, but beware it is pretty addictive.

And now on a completely different subject . . .

Even though it's a few days late, I wanted to mention Earth Day.

Living in Cholula Red has certainly heightened our awareness of nature, the earth and conservation. After all, we have to monitor our fresh water as well as our grey and black. This has made me so aware of how little attention I ever paid to these things when I was living in a stick house (and I thought I was being careful!).

We now fill up our fresh water approximately once a week (actually we usually make eight to ten days, but for arguments sake I'm being conservative). This means the two of us use about twenty five to thirty gallons a week. To be honest, Terry will, whenever possible, shower in a campground (whereas I prefer the rig, except maybe once a week for a more thorough washing of my hair). But other than that, we use the water in the rig for washing, cooking and drinking. So while I have no idea what we used when we were in the stick house I know this is a huge improvement.

My awareness has also grown when we look at other places where water is being used. I see it in restaurants, I see it in sprinklers running down the sidewalks and I see it in peoples homes. It just seems we are none of us as careful as we could be.

And then there is bottled water. When we first got Cholula, we looked at the issue of drinking water. When at our stick house, we usually drank bottled water, as we did in our previous motor home. When we got Cholula, we made the decision to spring for an efficient water filter so we could just drink from the tanks. After much research, we purchased a Nature Pure Water Filter and we have been pleased with it completely.

I'm talking about this because I've just read several articles on the true cost of bottled water. It seems that to produce a plastic bottle that holds one litre of water can take as much as five litres of water! Then there is the cost of bringing the product to market, not to mention all those plastic bottles that don't get recycled . . .

I mention this just as a starting point to make you think just a bit. I remember when bottled water was first introduced into the market place. Everyone thought it was silly, after all, who would pay for a bottle of water? But now it's something we just take for granted.

So I'm just asking you to take a look at your own habits and do a little bit to save some water, it's one of our most precious resources.

Okay, off the soapbox now.

We were in a thrift shop this week and I found a CD by a lady named Janet Klein. The name of the CD was "Come Into My Parlor" and it featured songs from the 1910s. 1920s, and 1930s. I've always been a thrift store junkie and I really enjoy picking up music based on the cover art or something that just strikes my fancy about the packaging. This has introduced me to some wonderful music including Ukulele Dick and John Pizzarelli just to name two. So I plunked down my $2.00 and bought the Janet Klein CD and oh what a treasure it is! If you have any fondness at all for clear, old time music with just a hint of naughty, she's your girl. She has several CDs available and now I will be getting them all!

Click on her website, it's beautifully done and you might enjoy her music as much as I do.

And that's it for now. While I haven't been writing regularly, life has been good for us, and hopefully for you also.

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