Friday, April 6, 2007

Travels Around Carrizozo

What a busy couple of days we've had, it feels like we've driven all over new Mexico!

There os a wonderful spot about 30 miles south of here called the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site.

It's located on BLM land and has over 21,000 (yes thousand) glyphs. We had heard that it was possible to camp there but we wanted to go check it out before taking the rig. We were pleasantly surprised to find a hook up sites and a very friendly couple hosting the area. We spoke for a while and decided that when we leave here we will give them a call to guarantee that one of the sites is available and go there for a couple of days. Our plan is to pull in one afternoon and then get up early before the heat to go see the glyphs. It was quite warm when we were there so this seems like a much better plan. I did take this picture of some flowers at the entrance to the campground. We haven't seen these anywhere else in New Mexico.

There is another campground several miles up the road from the petroglyph site, so we decided to see if it might be another campground candidate for us. I can tell you that most of the road was pretty severe washboard, so while it was a beautiful drive, we won't be camping there any time soon. In case anyone is interested, it is called the Three River Campground, BLM and quite lovely.

That said, the road was a dealbreaker for us, still, it was quite a view.

After that we decided to go down to Tularosa for lunch and a bit of grocery shopping. On the way we spotted something high up on a telephone pole. On closer examination, it proved to be a birds nest. With the lack of high trees, telephone poles are a reasonable substitute and it makes us wonder why we don't see more of this? This bird obliged us for quite some times as we took photos.

By the time we got back to the rig, it was clouding up, perfect for some more sunset shots. I've included two here, one facing east and one west. These were taken just minutes apart! It constantly amazes me the skies we see here in New Mexico. Maybe I've just lived under those redwoods for too long to remember the glory of the open skies.

Next up will be out trip to the Trinity Site, I'm excited!

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