Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Again

The weather has been so beautiful and the flowers so lovely, I'm afraid I've neglected the blog. I am enraptured with the beauty of this place. The colors seem so much richer against the browns of the desert. These purple beauties are everywhere we look.

These yellow and red flowers are low to the ground, but they just seem to jump out at you. Remember that these photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, they look much better at full size.

I also love this grass, we see it all throughout i the desert. It has an unusual grayish yellow color that I've never seen before.

The area we are in (Rock Hound State Park) is at the base of the Little Florida Mountains. The park is located in an area called the saddle, and it is our favorite place in Deming. Also located in the saddle are a number of smaller homes. We went to a yard sale in this area and found a lovely house (needs work, but it's solid) located on 1.5 acres. Previously it was owned by a couple who have passed away. The fellow was a true rock hound and had done a lot of lovely work in the yard. There was also an RV pad and a great workshop. With the previous owners passed on, the family was selling the place, and I loved it.

For the first time I seriously wished we had already sold our house, I would buy this land in a second. And did I mention it was $65,000? We're certainly not in California any longer!

Yesterday, we took another trip up to Spring Canyon, a companion park to Rock Hound. It sits at a higher elevation and we wanted to watch the sunset.

While this isn't a perfect picture, I liked the backlighting on the bushes and the sun shining through the tree. We went about an hour before sunset so we had lots of different angles.

This next shot was taken at the top of the mountain with the sun setting off to the west. I liked the contrast and the jet trail.

From the top of Spring Canyon, you have a magnificent view in three directions, it's hard to describe how it feels to experience this place. This shot shows the valley and off in the far distance is Las Cruces, about sixty miles away. As the sun sets, you can watch the shadows of the jagged peaks march across the valley. It's a humbling sight.

This shot shows the road going into Spring Canyon and off in the distance is Rock Hound State Park, and beyond that, Deming.

This shot was taken immediately after the sun had set in the vee if these mountains. I know I include a lot of these shots, but I love them so.

And finally, I took this tonight, our last night at Rock Hound. The sunsets here are so wonderful, I have to wonder if we will find any to rival them at other locations, however it is time to travel on.

Tomorrow, we will leave and go back to Oliver Lee State Park for a couple of days, then on to the Valley of Fire, so we can visit the Trinity Site this Saturday.

Life is indeed very good.


Janet Johns said...

My dad went to Trinity Site several years ago. He has read all the published material anyone could find on those men and what they did there. We would like to someday...I (somewhat vividly) remember practicing "Duck and Cover" in 1957 (2nd grade).

Kate & Terry said...


We're very excited about the Trinity Site, we missed it by one week last year. I also remember Duck & Cover! Like that would keep us safe . . .