Friday, April 13, 2007

Sitting around . . .

The last couple of days have been quite social, with lovely weather to boot (not counting the afternoon and evening wind . . .)

Several days ago we answered a knock on the door to discover Dot and Don. They have placed their order for a 2008 Mid Bath Lazy Daze and are just as excited as you would expect. They are traveling with two other couples and we've had a great time visiting and making new friends.

Then we got in touch with Tina and Bill who have a new 2007 Mid Bath and are camping down in Las Cruces. They came in to visit us the other day and again, we found new friends. This is their maiden voyage in their new Lazy Daze (they picked it up a few weeks ago and are dawdling back to their home in New England ) so they had lots of questions. We had a great afternoon with them.

Then yesterday, another Lazy Daze pulled into Oliver Lee and we got to meet Shirley and Carol (I hope I get all these names right . . .) They are from Albuquerque and have a 2005 Rear Bath. It's just been like a Lazy Daze convention around here, what fun!

So with all this, I've been kind of ignoring the blog . . .

Other than socializing, we've been sticking pretty close to the rig and I've been catching up on my internet news. Ever since we went to Carlsbad Caverns, I've found myself much more interested in caves. Recently I read about a new cave discovered in Mexico back in 2000, and does this place ever sound fascinating! National Geographic tells it better than I can, so if interested, you can read about it here.

I'll summarize by telling you that inside of this cave are crystals, some as long as thirty six feet! These crystals have apparently been formed by a combination of being submerged in mineral rich water that was heated to an even temperature by thermal heat. The pictures are truly astounding (and if it was anyone other than National Geographic, I'd say they were faked with Photoshop), but take a look for yourself.

Tomorrow, we'll go up to the Hubbard Museum of the American West in Ruidoso. There is an exhibit dealing with Wyatt Earp and Hollywood that we think sounds kind of fun.

Hopefully soon I'll get the petroglyph pictures posted and maybe some shots of Ruidoso.

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Jonna said...

Hey! I know where Delicias Chihuahua is! We've driven right through there several times, it's almost due south from New Mexico. I'd go visit the caves with you if we can get you to come to Mexico with us??? Heh!