Sunday, April 8, 2007

Trinity Part 2-the Displays

This is an addendum to the previous blog. Rather than adding more pictures to that blog, I've put them here, since I'm not sure everyone is interested.

These are the displays that were mounted at the site on April 7, 2007. I found them quite interesting. As always, you can click on each one to see a full sized, readable copy.

This is the board that was at the beginning of the Schmidt/McDonald House Tour. While giving some information about the inhabitants, it talks mostly about the military aspect of the house.

This was my favorite display. It talks about the history of the house from a personal rather than military perspective.

This is the display from the actual Ground Zero spot. Pretty interesting reading.

This display was at what remains of Jumbo. It's a pretty impressive piece of metal. On my blog describing our visit, there is a photo of Terry and I standing in this structure.

This board was out in the field that surrounds Ground Zero. I thought it was stunning display so I decided to include it here.