Sunday, May 25, 2008

Going Back in Time

Well, here I am again, and while we've been busy doing boring things lately, there is quite a backlog of pictures so here we go!

We found Leasburg Dam to be a truly lovely place to camp. Our spot was out in the open, with a beautiful cactus garden to one side and a view of the mountains to the other side.

We put out our bird feeders and within a day, we had literally hundreds of birds. Since we had the garden to our side, the birds would hang around in the bushes and take their turns at the feeders.

It was a wonderful thing to see, and unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but I'll share what I did manage to shoot.

We had LOTS of finches.

While this shot isn't anywhere near as sharp as I would like, I liked the composition so I thought I'd include it here.

I was playing around with different lenses and got this shot. While I know it's not exactly the right way to use a lens, I liked the look of it. This was the view out of my bedroom window every morning.

We had so many Silver Cardinals, everyone was commenting on how lovely they are. Remember to click on any of these photos for a larger image. They look much better in the larger versions.

Leasburg Dam State Park sits on a bluff above the Rio Grande River and it is a sight to behold. After spending so much time in the desert, it was such an amazing sight to see all this water, not to mention beautiful green fields.

These next two shots of the Rio Grande were taken from the day use area at Leasburg Dam. While the rive is quite wise, you can walk across the whole width and never get wet above your knees!

One more shot of the mighty Rio Grande.

One day as we were driving into town, I was literally struck by these fields of harvested alfalfa. After so much desert, it was like my skin just drank in all the green.

One more shot of the green, I just couldn't resist.

And here's one final shot out of my bedroom window. This was our view every evening.

I will be posting a few more Leasburg Dam/Las Cruces blogs in the next week or so.

While there, we attended a Cast Iron Cooking Class, Pioneer Days at Fort Selden and had a lovely afternoon at the Las Cruces outdoor mall, so stay tuned for full reports.

And for now, we're relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather here at Santa Rosa.

Life is Good.

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K.C. & Anne's Big Adventure said...

Great pix, so glad ya'll are back on the blog.

Howz your health these days, we worry about all the recent illness.

Warmest Whatevers....Anne and K.C.