Friday, May 30, 2008

the Various Johns . . .

Regular readers know I am a huge movie fan.

Short of slasher films, there are very few I don't like, but what I really love are the old classics. The ones where you say "They just don't make em like that anymore."

Now that I've said that, I must confess that the are some classic movie stars which I don't quite get.

And for the longest time I just didn't get John Wayne. He seemed to always just play John Wayne, or so I thought (ashamedly admitting that I probably had never sat through an entire John Wayne film).

Then I saw the Quiet Man, and my whole opinion changed.

Not only is it a wonderfully crafted film, beautifully shot, subtly acted, but it also boasts an exceptional script. This film opened my eyes to the John Wayne- John Ford dynamic, and what a fine pairing it was.

So I started watching lots of John Wayne films. Some were definitely better than others, but the man certainly delivered on screen. Both Terry and I particularly like certain of his westerns, including Red River, the Cowboys and the Shootist. Then there are those which he made with John Ford.

Since we've been spending so much time in the Southwest, we've found that we enjoy fine western movies more than ever. With that in mind, I've been looking for a selection of three films known as John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy.

These films include Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande. After searching various libraries, Movie Galleries and Blockbusters all over New Mexico, I finally decided to break down and purchase them through Then I figured we could have ourselves a little western/cavalry marathon.

So of course, even though I ordered them at the exact same time, they all shipped separately with the last one arriving just today, Hurrah!

Then I took at look at today's lineup for Turner Classic Movies . . .

As proof that great minds think alike, tonight, they are showing, in order, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande!

Oh well, I guess if this is the worst of my problems , I can truly say that my Life is Good!

(Reviews to follow, I'm off to the movies.)

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