Thursday, May 29, 2008

Santa Rosa - And Garlic!

Every morning I wake up and am so pleased to look out my windows, the views here are glorious. The truth is I love the open skies of New Mexico.

I remember years ago speaking with a friend who had moved to Hawaii. She said that what she loved were the incredible open skies. I sort of said Yeah, Yeah, but I was still infatuated with the redwoods of Northern California. And while I still appreciate their beauty, I am just tired of being closed in, not seeing the horizons.

I love New Mexico.

So when we went for our morning walk, I took the camera and took a few photos of the campground for the blog.

When we first step out of Cholula Red, this is our view. I do love these trees.

Here's a wide view of the campground. I really like the layout of this park, lots of open spaces. While every spot doesn't have a view of the lake, it's never far out of sight.

And as I mentioned yesterday, the flowers are just coming out. This is the first cactus blossom I've seen this year (and it looks a lot nicer when you click for a larger version).

This is just a shot of one of the campsites. As you can see, very roomy and again, look at that sky!

And here we are back at our campsite. We've put out the hummingbird feeders but have only seen one hummer so far, hopefully we'll get more as they discover the feeders.

And now I want to talk about something completely different.

When we were in Albuquerque, we had the luxury of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Costco, what a wealth of choices for someone who likes to cook!

At Costco, they were sampling this, just sprinkled on some plain pasta.

Well, it was just so tasty I had to try some, and am I ever glad I did. This stuff is just wonderful.

So far, I've used it on pasta, we've made garlic spread with it, flavored a pot of beans (Yum!) and used it on fresh green beans, EXCELLENT!

If you see it in the store, you might want to pick it up, I like it a lot.

Yep, Life is Good.

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