Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, not really. Actually, we WERE busy with the Santa Fe Film Festival but for the last couple of days we've been in hibernation mode.

This started when we woke up to SNOW a few days ago.

California wimps that we are, this, of course means we have to stay inside. I don't even have clothes for the snow! So, like bears, we've been staying in, snug and warm, cooking, watching movies, reading, avoiding the great outdoors . . .

So consider this a just quick update, with some pictures thrown in for fun.

A shot of Santa Fe from our friends deck.
This was (obviously) before the snow.


A lonely bird feeder,
we're trying to keep it full
for the birds still in town

This is a shot of Tipper,
she's the reason we're here in Santa Fe

Lately, I've spent a good amount of time playing with Photoshop.

One thing I'm learning is that it's really hard to take a good picture of a black dog in bright light.

This is straight out of the camera
(click to enlarge for detail,
or lack of detail . . .)

Here's after I played with it for a while.
I'm still not 100% pleased . . .

Terry and Tipper.
Who's having more fun here?

I love these doors

I like the way the snow sits on the ends of these flowers.

More snow

Doesn't this plant look like it's rising from the snow?

A Santa Fe courtyard, blanketed in snow

So that's it for now.

I do have more to write about in future blogs, eyeglasses from the internet (who knew?), films from the Festival, the Shidoni Foundry, a NEW camera and Christmas in Santa Fe . . .

Stay Tuned and Remember


Lew and Jan Johns said...

Hmmm. I think you Folks are what Tioga George calls weather Wimps, Eh? Hee, hee. Great Snow Pics. I love Puffy Snow. Not so much so that stuff that piles up to Inches or....Feet. Eyyuuuch.


Kate said...

Yep, That's us, weather wimps and proud of it!


Anonymous said...

Tipper is cute! What a face! No wonder you want to get the light just right :)!