Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cholula Red in the Snow...

There's been a lot of talk over on the Life With a Lazy Daze RV group about staying in an RV in freezing weather. As some of you know, these rigs are very well insulated, but, being made in California, they're not REALLY made for freezing weather.

Regular readers know that we're currently in Santa Fe and if you follow the weather, you won't be surprised to see what I stepped out of my door and found.

And this

And this.
I liked the curve of the drift
by the front door

One more shot of snow patterns

OK, enough snow (at least for a few seconds)
I had to include this shot of Tipper
When we leave, we may have to take her with us

I took a look at the hockey table
Now I guess we could use it for Ice Hockey

Terry, taking care of the birds

I decided to try a few black and white shots

One more

A silhouette of our birds

It was snowing
so some of the telephoto shots
are kind of fuzzy

A close up of one of the birds,
I love the new telephoto lens.
I was about twenty feet away

I decided to include this shot
to illustrate the wonders of Photoshop
This is straight out of the camera

After cropping and a bit of work . . .
Remember to click to enlarge

We've decided that even though this is outside,
we will call it our Christmas tree

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about living in Cholula Red in the snow . . .

As you can see, it's pretty darned cold here, but we're doing fine. We ARE hooked up to electricity and decided the best way to handle the cold was to run two extension cords (connected to two separate circuits) and we're running two small electric heaters. This allows us to not have to use our furnace (noisy and wasteful of our propane) and seems to keep the rig at a toasty 70 degrees. We have also turned on the electric valve heaters that Terry installed a few years ago.

So, while this isn't my idea of ideal weather, we're quite comfy.


Jonna said...

Nice pictures of snow, which is where it belongs... in pictures, cards and calendars. Tipper is darling, of course you should take him with you. Those eyes!

Bless Terry, I feel so bad for those poor birds. I can't believe they are alive.

You amaze me staying in that horrid weather. I also don't get the use of electric heaters when our LD furnace works so well and you can get as warm as you want. Crank that puppy up to 80 and never go outside, that would be my answer.

We almost turned our furnace on last week when it got down in the 50's at night. The only reason we didn't is we figured it was so full of dog hair we'd have to go outside till the smell burned off.

Kate said...


We're running a bit low on propane (we didn't plan well) and have about 35% left. Knowing that, we're trying to conserve propane, and where we're parked, the electric is free.

Besides, I HATE the noise of the furnace, if we left it on at night, I would be waking up all night long.

As to why we're staying, we promised to watch the house and dog sit Tipper, so were committed.

As to turning the heater on at 50, WOW! And I thought I was a wimp!


Jonna said...

Oh, I'm definitely a wimp. I've got my sweats and Ugs on now if it gets below 70F.

I forget that the gas trucks don't come to you in the US. Here, you can get more propane by just stopping a truck. Granted, finding them when you need them can get tricky, like a lot of things they are never around when you need them and always around when you don't.

The noise doesn't bother me, hardly any noise really keeps me awake. We were joking with some other RVers in Merida, they were complaining because the gardeners mowed right under their window at 8am - they mowed under ours too but it wasn't a problem. If I can identify a sound, I don't wake all the way up. Convenient down here where noise is everywhere and fireworks at 6am are common.

Martha said...

Hi Kate,
We live in Santa Fe and are on the verge of buying a Lazy Daze of our own. We were at the Montclair factory last week, seeing the models and talking with Steve. Just got home last night, trying to dodge the next round of storms. I've seen your Cholula Red comments on the Lazy Daze Yahoo site before, so it was fun to spot your blog from Santa Fe. If you're still in our beautiful city, we would love to visit with you.

Martha and Bernie Marks

Kate said...


We'd love to get together.

I can't find your email address, could you email me privately? You can do so from one of my posting on the Yahoo group.