Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Lots of photos, you have been warned!!

We had a big snow last night and the beauty of the snow combined with my new camera equaled tons of photos. I really like the new camera and have high hopes that as I learn more of it's capabilities, I'll be getting even better pictures.

Remember to click on any photo for a larger image.

The snow was so dense, yet light, it stayed on absolutely every surface.

For some reason I was particularly taken with this image. In fact, I liked it so much, I'm including four different versions.

This is the original, SOOC (straight out of the camera).

With some correction . . .

Sepia . . .

Black and White

All four in one.
Behold the power of Photoshop!

One of the things I love about the snow
is how even the most subtle colors
spring to life against the stark white.

This little spot is in the center of a stand of pinon trees.
Have you seen the film Camelot?
Not a great film, but truly beautiful
This reminds me of when Guinevere
is praying to St. Genevieve
A quiet and beautiful spot.

No matter how cold, life continues to push

Again, the subtleties of color against snow.

Last night these bushes were completely free of snow

A tiny cave in the bushes

The green needles wont be contained by the snow.

My Hunny Bunny

A bit of bragging about the new camera.
If you enlarge this
and look carefully over Terry's shoulder,
you'll see some mountains in the distance.
On the right is the same scene
shot from the same spot with the camera at full zoom

Our Christmas lights seem to have collected a bit of ice

I can't seem to stop shooting closeups

Later in the day,
the sky turned this beautiful shade of blue

No matter how cold it gets, the birds are still active

One more zoom shot.
The left is the original shot and the right
is a full zoom pretty much in the center.

This is our view where we're staying.

More close ups.

The patterns of snow on the trees
continues to amaze me.

I love the close up ability of this camera.

And I was intrigued
by the detail of the ice
sitting on this tiny flower

Every crystal is unique and sharp.
What a marvel.

I love these doors

Here's the other side of the same doors

Doesn't this shot look like spring
is just around the corner?

The shapes and angles of adobe

One more closeup of the crystallized ice

Remember several blogs ago
when I said we had a Christmas tree in the yard?
Here it is, all dressed in snow.
It wasn't till I looked at the photo
that I saw all the birds in the tree

This is now my favorite Christmas shot

So Happy Holidays to you and yours . .

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photowannabe said...

Hi dear friends,
I am so far behind that this is a post Christmas wish. The meaning is just as heart felt even if it is late.
Love these pictures and all the camera info. Promise to email very soon but this will have to do for a day or two. Sorry.
Take care and Happy New Year too.