Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Faces of Ghost Ranch

We had a little Halloween/Fall Festival party the other day here at Ghost Ranch. Of course, I took a ton of festive, colorful pictures. Then, when I got back to the rig and started looking at the pictures, I started seeing individuals instead of group shots. I decided to do some experimentation.

Longtime readers might remember that I payed a bit with portraits some time back, and that exactly where I went this time.

I love faces, and I particularly like shots of people taken when they aren't particularly aware of the camera. Some of these subjects may appear to be looking straight at the lens, but I was never closer than ten feet in any of these photos.

When I started playing with them in the computer, I found that, once again, I was drawn to black and white.

So, with the subjects permission, here are some of the Faces of Ghost Ranch.






Crystal (2)




Raquel (2)


So what do you think? I love these kind of shots and hope to be adding more portraits in the future.


Melinda said...

These are lovely, Kate! Great captures with so much personality.

photowannabe said...

Black and white is perfect and I really like the closeup head shots. You have captured a lot of personality in each one.