Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carpentry, Photography and the Blahs

As I mentioned a few days ago, we've been doing a lot of chores around the rig.

Make that trying to do a lot of chores around the rig.

Geez, it's been forever since we did any carpentry. In another life, we made furniture. Not the fine finished kind of furniture, more the rough hewn barnwood type. Still it was sturdy, attractive and sold well.

But as I say, that was in another life. We seem to have forgotten everything we ever knew. We got one piece done and upon completion, decided it was just a bit too rough, so we'll do it again, with some refinements. As with everything, this small two day chore will probably take us at least a week (if not longer).

Then there's the photography.

Generally, I'm somewhat pleased with my pictures. I might shoot a couple of hundred and get two or three users, not bad. But since I've been here, I realize, that for shooting here, my camera is inadequate. It just doesn't have the pixels or the speed needed for bird in flight photography.

It bums me out.

I look at my shots, and I like the color, composition, and subjects, but the clarity and sharpness that make things really pop is lacking. In researching cameras, I've about decided that a Canon T1i is my choice. Then I need to research lenses, about which I know nothing.

Then I need to find some money!

I did see a rumor that Canon may upgrade the Canon T1i next week, so I'm hoping that, if that is the case, maybe the Canon T1i will go on sale.

Keep your fingers crossed.

But for now, the sun is shining, we're actually able to open the windows to let the fresh air in and the birds are a delight to watch.


Richard said...

You're killing us! Please post some pictures of the work you are doing on your rig. Please, please, pretty please?

Kate said...


I promise to post pictures when there is something to post.

Patience, they're coming, today we're reworking the closet.