Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shooting Into the Sun

When I get in the photography mode, I shoot way too many pictures. Then I get back to the rig and start processing. While I know I'm keeping too many, my decision making process lacks just enough judgement to keep me from tossing most of my shots.

Then I post too many here, eating up bandwidth.

My apologies to those of you on a slow connection.

All of which is a prelude to these shots I took this morning in a short five minute period.

That said, you have to shoot when it's happening.

Here goes.

I'm really liking the results
of shooting through
the tinted windows

Everything tells me
I shouldn't shoot straight into the sun

But I don't care

Blown out isn't always bad.
Just ask these birds
They like the sun

I couldn't seem to stop
cropping this photo.
It changes every time

One final crop,
I may like this one the best

This last shot
has a lot of post processing,
more of an "arty" look,
but I like the effect

Wow, think what I could do with a DSLR!


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

There is never such a thing as taking too many photos, or keeping too many either. Just backed up our photos onto a 8mg zip drive for safe keeping yesterday and we have over 8,000. These are just photos from the past few years, our others are on discs. Possibly, one day you will delete the not so good ones but don't count on it, we haven't yet.

photowannabe said...

Stunning shots into the sun. I say go for it and take what gives you pleasure. Why not??