Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bananas, Mosquitoes and More Pictures (of Course!)

Today's post will be mostly ramblings and some pictures.

So what else is new???

Bananas, I've been meaning to write about bananas. How do you buy your bananas? Do you just grab a bunch off the shelf in the grocery store? That's what I've always done till just a month or so ago. Then I stood in the vegetable section of the local Smith's and it struck me, what a fool I'd been! So I found two very ripe bananas and pulled them off their stalk and put them in a bag. Then they were joined by two half ripe bananas, then two very green bananas. And now, our bananas don't get ripe all at once, leading to those brown mushy things that are so disgusting!

A small thing perhaps, but I thought I'd pass it on.

In going through some of my pictures from the last couple of months I found some I wanted to post here.

This shot was taken through our tinted windows, one afternoon when the sky turned the most amazing color. Our windows do affect color, but otherwise, this was pretty much what we saw. We both think it had something to do with dust storms that had been kicking up for days.

Whatever the reason,
it was a pretty amazing sight.

The following shots
were all taken in the Bosque.
I never seem to tire of the views.

I admit to manipulating the color here,
but the scenery is all genuine
New Mexico.

And yes,
the water is this blue,
as is the sky.
What’s not to love?

Finally, shots from this lovely evening.
It was so colorful outside,
I had to take a few pictures.
The light changes by the second,
but what light it is . . .

Then I decided to try this panorama.
This is our view every day.
We often comment
and call each other out to see
the amazing turquoise blue sky.

you can always click to enlarge
any photo.

And the mosquitoes?
They were outside
waiting for me
when I went out to take
these last two pictures.

They got me about a half dozen times
in just a few minutes.

Still . . .


Jonna said...

Beautiful pictures!

Banana advice from down here on the banana coast. If you don't want them to get ripe too fast, don't keep them closed up with the other riper bananas, they speed up on the gases emitted. Also, peel and freeze them as they get a little too ripe to eat. When you have enough, they make great smoothies or banana bread.

Kate said...

Jonna, Thanks for the advice. I never keep my bananas in a bag, but in the fruit hammock over the sink.

As to keeping them in the freezer, I sure can tell you live in a house now. Remember how incredibly tiny the freezer is in the Lazy Daze? It's always packed full!


Jonna said...

hmmmm... I always had frozen bananas in my LD freezer too. Mainly because they figure in my daily breakfast of OJ, yogurt, frozen banana and protein powder - now I use a blender but then I had my little magic bullet. I've plugged it in at some odd places when we were boondocking, a gas station, a laundromat. I never had much meat in the freezer though because we were always traveling and they tend to take meat when you cross borders, I guess that is why I had more room.