Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Slight Case of Spring

Just a few pictures today.

Spring is finally here in Socorro, but I don't have any flower pictures! What can I say? I guess my head was just somewhere else.

We got up early to go to a book sale at the local University. Since it was early, I was not quite awake and left my Canon at home. Fortunately I had my old Panasonic with me, so I was able to take a couple of shots.

I'm getting into macro shooting these days. In case you don't know, macro is extreme close up photography. It also relates to aperture and depth of field.

We were walking around the lovely campus (well worth a look if you're ever in the area), and spotted this birds nest.

I can't seem
to pass a birds nest
without taking a picture,
so here's one for today.

The trees are full of these little acorn caps.
I think they're just a
wonder of nature.

They come in all kinds of colors.
I particularly liked the red ones.

That's it for today
Hope you're having a great weekend.


photowannabe said...

You have a good weekend too.
There is rain in the forcast for today and quite breezy. Not my favorite Spring day. At least Dave is slowly getting better.

Melinda said...

That bright blue sky looks so wonderful to this northwesterner. So much gray around here today. Thanks for sharing your pictures!