Saturday, April 3, 2010

the Hamel Museum (and a few Cows)

Note: I posted this late last night, then got up and read it this morning and fixed all the typos and mis-spellings. My bad, apologies.

We've been coming to Socorro for close to five years and for all those years, every single time we passed the Hamel Museum, it's been closed.

This year we determined to get in and see the inside. We did a bit of research and found that it's only open on the first Saturday of them month.

It's a beautiful structure, all stone. We've appreciated the architecture for so long, I was excited at the prospect of finally getting to take pictures inside.

So of course I brought the wrong lens for the camera.

I'm just not used to this. aperture, exposure, different lenses, will I ever learn? I'm beginning to wonder.

Anyhow, here's a shot of the front of the building. I love the look of this place, so I decided to give you the same view, presented in three different styles.

As shot

brightened up a bit,
then softened.

Sepia tones,
like the old west.

Here's a closeup of the lintel
over the front door.
I love all the blue doors
we see here in New Mexico.

This building has served
a variety of functions over the years.
Beer Brewery.
Ice House
Bottling Company.

They have a nice variety of old bottles
and advertising art on display.

But mainly I found the stonework
to be so full of character.
Quite beautiful.

They also have a wonderful selection
of old license plates.

yellow with the Zia

and 1947
red with the Zia

There's a new commemorative plate
turquoise with the Zia.
I want one.


Then there are the cows.

We see them
every time we go to town.
Yet when we stop to take pictures,
they look at me
and run away.

So today I had to settle
for a couple of long shots.

I like these girls,
they're like a coffee klatch.

Portrait of
Mother and Baby

More soon.

Till then

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Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

You seem to see the same things as I do with your photos. Not sure what type of photography you would call it but I don't care, they are my art.

Never stop being true to your own eye within your creativeness.