Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the Grand Adventure

A few days ago I talked about the business we had to attend to. What I didn't mention was that this involved a bit of driving.

Quite a bit of driving.

About a thousand miles worth . . .

So we decided, since this would be a very quick trip, the best thing to do was to rent a speedy little car that would just eat up the miles in complete comfort.

And that's what we did. We figured the trip would be a three or four day affair. But we got to our destination in just one day and by 10:30 the next morning, our business was concluded!

Now we could have just hotfooted it back to Cholula Red. But since this was a sort of a vacation from the permanent vacation that is our life, we looked around for a bit of excitement.

And guess what popped up? Or would that be sunk down? In any event, we realized that with just a tiny bit of a detour, the humongous hole in the earth known as the Grand Canyon was just a bit out of our way.

So today, we spent the day at the Grand Canyon taking way too many pictures. And as I write this, I'm in a miserable little motel in Tuba City, Arizona, remembering why we travel in our own motor home. . .

But that's another story.

We do have the best of times (pictures to follow).


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Don't understand why you wouldn't take Red on your trip? This way you could have really enjoyed the Grand Canyon and had a good place to sleep.

We just came through Tuba City on our way to Colorado...the scenery is spectacular.

Enjoy your little vaca away from Red!

Kate said...

Well, driving 1,000 miles in 2-3 days is really not our style. In fact we hate it. It seemed easier (and cheaper and quicker) to just go in a car since this wasn't a "fun" trip. We never drive the rig over 55-60 and in the car we were able to make it very fast going 75-80. We expected our business to last longer than it did, but as it turned out, we could have been back in two days. The Grand Canyon side trip wasn't planned, just a last minute lark. And we really did enjoy it, but we don't think it is a place we would want to stay for any period of time, just too many people. This has worked out well, but we're looking forward to being "home" today.