Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cannery Row

Today (July 17, 2012) marks the 57th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. For many years, we were always in the park on this day. When I realized the date, I thought we should do something enjoyable, so we decided to take a day trip down to Monterey and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

They have a new exhibit featuring jellyfish.  It's a great show, and I have a ton of pictures, but that's for another day, assuming I get around to posting them.

Because we're being pretty serious about exercise these days, not only did we do the whole aquarium, but we took a walk around this historic district.  I'm kind of ashamed that in all the times we've visited the area, we haven't really done a "Cannery Row" tour, but that's what we did today.

The weather was perfect, and of we went.  

If you step a bit behind the scenes, 
there's Doc Rickett's lab.  
This is right above the area 
where he kept his specimens.

As regular readers know, 
I can't really help myself, 
I just take pictures of things I like.

I liked our reflection 
in this shallow seabed.
(Feel free to click for a larger image).

My favorite shot of the day,
I'm not sure why.

There are a number of beaches along the row.
I'd never noticed any of them before . . .

Something about this shot really appealed to me.

I couldn't decide if I liked it better 
in color 
or black and white, 
so I've included both.

Hopefully in a day or two 
I'll get the rest of the pictures processed.
If not, there always seem to be more.

Till then, remember


Gaelyn said...

Really like your shadows on the water.

Jim and Sandie said...

You always take such interesting pictures. And you are doing so good with all the exercise. Keep it up.