Monday, July 16, 2012


I love people. Its one of the reasons I like traveling so much, meeting a variety of people with different backgrounds.

And sometimes I forget that interesting people are everywhere.

Today I was perusing the local freecycle when I saw that someone was offering a hitch mounted bike rack.  Since I recently got a bike off of freecycle, this sounnded like the perfect thing.  I shot off an email and recieved a phone call a short while later.  The rack was mine, woo hoo!  I told Terry that we needed to go pick this up, when he informed me that we don't have a reciever hitch on the Suzuki . . .

Duh, I guess that was one of our other cars.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I called the woman back and admitted my idiotic mistake.  We got to talking and since she seemed quite knowledgeable about bikes, I asked her about helmets.  She told me she was a serious bicyclist (is that the word?) and yes, I definitely needed a helmet.  In fact, she had a spare if I would like to pick it up.  Happy to do so, I went over to her house to pick up my new bike helmet.

Wow, what an interesting woman.   Shes is, indeed, a serious biker.  She has ridden across the US twice, and had such wonderful stories to share.  Like RVers, it seems bikers have a whole subculture, sharing routes, tips and all the things that tie a group of people together.  Who'd a thunk?

We spent an hour or so chatting and it opened my heart once again.  I love meeting new people.  It reminded me of why I love travels so much.

It was a lovely afternoon and I want to thank Susan for sharing a small part of her life with me.


 And because I can, 
I thought I'd share a few pictures I took 
of rain dew on the local shrubbery.

All these were taken with my iPhone.


I'm always attracted to this kind of shot.

This one shows the dew on a spider web.

That's it for today.


Gaelyn said...

The world really is full of wonder people, strangers that become friends. Love the dew shots.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Well heck! We have a receiver on OUR Suzuki, but we don't need a bike rack because we have no bikes. Won't trade Suzukis with you, however, because the receiver on ours holds the lift for Suzy's mobility scooter. But now she almost never uses the scooter anymore. so the lift carries her four-wheel walker. People are fun, though!

edlfrey said...

Like RVers, it seems bikers have a whole subculture, sharing routes, tips and all the things that tie a group of people together. Who'd a thunk?

I did a lot of long distance bicycle touring during my middle life crisis. I have now driven some of those same routes with my RV and just shake my head wondering how I did it.