Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nightblooming Flowers

I came home from the fireworks show, looked at my pictures and was pretty disappointed.  The show was fine, but my shooting was off, and I was thinking I wouldn't have any photos to post.

Then I started looking in another way, not at the entire photo, but dissecting each into it's components, moving things around. 

Suddenly they no longer looked like fireworks at all, 
rather an array of strange unearthly flowers.

My favorite of the night
(Please, click to enlarge)

Even though the tops were cut off,
they still resembled some ethereal bloom.

I really wish this one was complete, 
but I think the vase effect works nicely.

Hundreds of tiny petals.

Streamers shooting seeds into the air.

Multicolored asters

Not flowers so much as burning suns.

And finally,
a reworking of the first shot.
I couldn't decide which I liked best
so I decided to include both.

Goodnight All


Jerry and Suzy said...

Not a thing wrong with your fireworks pictures. Your mind, as well, is nicely at work using some imagination. Great photos. I guess you can be glad you weren't in San Diego watching the Big Bay Bang, when then entire 18 minute show detonated at once! Whoosh! Now let's all go home.

Russ Krecklow said...

I really like these! Personally think they are much more interesting than the standard fireworks fare found on most commercial sites. Thanks for sharing. Now go shoot a nice pelican for me!

Gaelyn said...

These images look great to me. We're always our own worse critics.

Merikay said...

Ireally like fireworks photos. These are great.

Mike and Sandy said...

What great fireworks photos! I'm envious, having not had much luck with that myself.