Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Day Down South

It was our sort of Anniversary on March 11 
(married 13 years ago) 
so we decided to take the day off 
and head on down to Monterey, 
one of our favorite places.  

Since I took too many pictures, 
I'll be posting them in several batches.

We can never go down there 
without stopping by Jetty Road, 
hoping the otters will be right there at the bridge.  
Unfortunately there weren't any otters 
(we didn't go all the way to the end) 
but I thought this dog was pretty cool.

He seems to have his owner pretty well trained!

The mustard was blooming, and I love the color.  
When I was a young girl (many years ago)
every spring, mustard covered the fields 
all over the Santa Clara Valley.  
I still love to see it.

 Next, we stopped at City Park in Monterey

 I tried to get in tight on this bee, 
and while I couldn't get it perfectly sharp, 
I liked the composition and color.

 Herons hang out at this park.  
While he was pretty well camouflaged, 
I couldn't resist.

Here's one tight shot of the heron.

 Flowers were blooming all over the park.

Don't you love Spring?

 A small part of the park is called Dennis the Menace Park,
in honor of Hank Ketchum.

 These next shots were all taken in the park.
There's not much to say about them, 
but I wanted to remember this beautiful day.

Lots of willows.

And a lovely meandering river.

There are also these lovely twisted trees.

I love how they frame the various scenes.

And of course, there are ducks . . .

This was one of those unplanned, 
unexpected stops that make a perfect day.  
For sure, we will be stopping here again.  
After a walk around the water, 
we headed down to the Aquarium.

Pictures to follow.


Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, you are a twisted, colorful, nostalgic photographer, and I love your work! What a wonderful day you enjoyed. We're going to try to find some birds to photograph this week around here. Spring is such a neat time to take photos! Love you guys, and miss you both!

Donna K said...

There is so much to see and do in your neck of the woods. Wish we had had more time - NEXT time maybe!! Love those pictures.

photowannabe said...

Beautiful shots.
We haven't been to the Denise the Menace Park since the boys were in preschool. That's ancient history.
They had a ball there.
I'm glad you had such a nice anniversary.