Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flowers at the Arboretum

Not a lot to write.
These are basically pictures that, by rights, 
accompany the hummingbird shots from the other day. 

The arboretum in Santa Cruz is a wonder, 
and if you're ever in the area, 
it  shouldn't be missed.

No matter the time of year, 
there's always beautiful birds and flowers 
to be enjoyed.

If I could think of something clever to write, 
I would add a description to each photo,


but since I can't, 
I'll just let the photos speak for themselves




This is actually a shot of a bench top.
I so enjoyed the way the wood had weathered, 
I decided to include this shot.


We also spent a glorious day 
watching the otters play, 
so I may be posting again 
in the very near future.

Till then, remember


photowannabe said...

Nice photos Kate.
Glad to see you posting again.
Love the close-ups.

Nancy said...

Glad to see you posting again! Great pictures!
Hope to see you down the road again one of these days, eh?

Donna K said...

Great pictures. I did the hummers and flowers together so now I still need to do the otters. Tomorrow maybe...