Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Aquarium Part 1

As I said yesterday, 
we decided yet another trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
 was in order.  
It's a true crime to come to this area 
and not visit this world renowned venue.

We've been many times, (we have annual passes)
but every time we see it through different eyes.

I've tried almost every camera I own, 
and in the past, my iPhone 4s has done the best.  
I think photography is particularly difficult
because many of the aquarium windows 
are over twelve inches thick.

So even though I've had terrible results before, 
once again I decided to use my Canon SX50.  
Next time, I think I'll take the Canon 7D, 
but I'm not sure I'm capable enough to get good results.

So on to the pictures.
As always, 
you can click on any photo to see more detail

This is a tank called the Living Sea, 
featuring a humongous kelp forest.

I love the kelp forest,
the light streaming from above 
casts an ethereal glow.

We were lucky enough 
to catch one of the divers 
as he was feeding the tank.

Wouldn't this be a fun job?
All the divers are volunteers.

I have so many favorites at the Aquarium, 
it's hard to not shoot the same thing 
over and over.

So these are probably duplicates 
from an earlier blog.

I just love the anemones.

Incredible color,

and such beautiful shapes.

I think they look 
like they're from another planet.

This is the last one for today.

Till then, 


Donna K said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! Even the kelp forest with the low lighting is wonderful. I think you and your camera preformed admirably. Next time, we're going there.

photowannabe said...

Love the anemones too.

Paula said...

Kate, I think you should try turning some of your wonderful photos into cards. Heaven knows I would buy them!