Thursday, March 14, 2013

the Aquarium Part 2

So here we are, 
still at the Aquarium.
(Remember you can click to enlarge).

They have this beautiful aviary.
All the birds have been wounded and are here
being safe and fostered.

It's a wonderful place 
to get close to the birds.

And unlike the rest of the aquarium, 
lots of natural light.

Natural light

equals better pictures.
Duh . . .

back to the un-natural light.

I love this guy,
hos blue is incredibly vibrant.

The aquarium also features 
an array of gorgeous bronze pieces.
They're scattered all over the place.

They have hundreds of sand dollars.

Can you imagine how beautiful 
natural beds of these must be,
nestled deep in the ocean?

Now this was a huge problem shot.
They have this gigantic tank, 
probably thirty by fifty feet.

The turtles are always there, 
but they like to swim 
right up at the top of the tank.

I kid you not, 
I took over one hundred and fifty 
shots of the turtles.

This is the best I could do.

One of the reasons I want to go back soon
 is to try to get a good shot of the turtles.

Now we're back to my lovely seahorses.
Again,. the pictures aren't as sharp as I'd like.

Good thing I'll be going back!

I really like how they group together.

This is yet another kind of seahorse,
but I can't remember what kind!
Click and enlarge and you can see his little face.

And that's it for the aquarium for this trip.

But tomorrow, we're going ziplining!
Not sure if I can get pictures,
but maybe.

I'm excited!

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Donna K said...

I LOVE your pictures here. Nothing wrong with them. That last little seahorse is gorgeous. And I like the turtle shot too. Hope you made it down the zip line okay. CELEBRATE!!