Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Barn

Terry has been spending 
a good amount of time down at 
the local horse barn.  

He's taken over the care of an older horse 
who needs assistance.  
As those of you who know him understand, 
that's right up his alley.

Since he's spending time there, 
I've been spending a bit of time there also.  

If I can get my pictures together, 
expect to see some horse pictures in the near future.

Today, I decided to post a few photos 
I took while wandering around the barns.  
As always, 
you can click any image for a larger version

I love the atmosphere there, 
and especially how everyone 
contributes their little goodies to the ambiance.

 I try to look for the little things.

Since Spring is springing, 
there are flowers.

Don't you love it 
when people repurpose old pieces?

I was taken with the texture 
of this weathered plywood.

The barn borders Henry Cowell State Park.

I felt like this light was there
 just for me to take this picture.

This reminded me of the forest 
where the Evil Queen banished Snow White.
In reality, it's where they walk the horses.

Clever birdhouse.

This guy stopped by for a visit . . .

Here's a lucky horseshoe.
Most probably decorated 
by some youngster who loves horses.

And here's my favorite  shot of the day.
I believe the original photograph 
has deteriorated over the years, 
leaving chemicals imprinted on the glass.

I LOVE this shot, 
so expect mpre versions 
as I shoot it in different weather.

So now you've got an idea 
of where we've been spending some time!


Russ Krecklow said...

Love these photos, Kate. So glad you're getting some good photo opportunities there. Looking forward to some horse pictures, and make sure to get some with Terry!

Donna K said...

DITTO!! Looking forward to more. Glad you are spending some time at the barn as well and I'll be looking for the horse pictures.

Gaelyn said...

Love the way your eye is drawn to the exquisite "little things."

Jerry and Suzy said...

You have a good eye, and a knack for good pictures. Good for you! Which makes it good for us.