Friday, August 22, 2008

A Change of Plans (revised)

I received the following comment about my most recent post.

"I know you're not fussy about spelling, but when your blog refers to "Villa Nueva" (a municipality in Guatemala) or "Villa Nuevo" (a resort in Mexico), your readers who might be interested in going to the state park won't have much luck finding it, or finding out about it. You might want to correct it to "Villanueva," which is the name of the New Mexico state park shown on maps and websites."

I have corrected my errors in the revised post (below) and would like to offer full apologies to my readers.

I will certainly try to be more careful in the future. After all, I wouldn't want anyone to drive all the way to Guatemala to find us, only to learn that we're actually in New Mexico. . .

No sooner did we decide to take off for Villanueva State Park than I got an email from the New Mexico Tourism Board that the world's largest Santa Fe Indian Market would be taking place this weekend.

Well, since we have no schedule, we decided that Santa Fe it would be!

We have friends who pastor a small church in Santa Fe and they have extended an open invitation, so we gave them a call, and here we are! The parking lot is large and manicured in such a way that there's plenty of room for us and we have this glorious view.

What a lovely property, who would have guessed?

Here's the view out our window, and more will follow.

Life is Good.

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Debbie said...

Wow... What a hoot, and a bit of an insult to you and your readers! I seriously doubt anyone would think you were popping down to a resort in Mexico or a municipality in Guatemala! I needed a silly chuckle today...thanks!