Thursday, August 14, 2008


We had the most amazing hailstorm the other day. It was falling from the sky, the size of large marbles.

The sound on the roof was deafening, we couldn't hear each other it was so loud.

The just as quick as it started, it was over.

Once again the sky was blue, the grass was green and the air was so sweet smelling, heaven.

We were enjoying the entire experience when a group (gaggle?) of geese came walking down the road, proud as can be. (Remember to click on any image for a larger view.)

This fellow seemed to be in charge. As they were marching along, he seemed to be shouting "Follow Me, Boys"!

We took a walk around teh park and a good fifteen minutes after the hailstorm, there were still stones scattered in the grass.

The weather was mild, it wasn't cold at all, but they just weren't melting.

The weather here is a never ending source of pleasure, as are the skies. It seems that we always have the choice of different weather patterns to watch, depending on the direction you gaze.

This is the lake just minutes after the storm, while behind us it was still all dark and gloomy.

One final shot of the geese. It seems the rain and hail had unearthed a bounty of rare treasures for them to dine on. They were there for perhaps an hour, meandering around and grazing, then they just flew away.

Life is good, and quite lovely.

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