Saturday, August 30, 2008

Santa Fe Indian Market Part 4

One of the things we really enjoyed at the Indian Market was all the entertainment. Not only did we get to see an array of varied art and artists, but there was quality entertainment around every corner.

My favorite was a Pueblo dancer named Marcos Saiz, who was accompanied by the Enchanted Lands Singers. For starters, his costume was stunning, but it was his dancing that really attracted the crowds.

There were lots of people around, so I apologize for some of these photos, the conditions were far from ideal.

I included this because it shows the detail of his amazing head dress. Make sure to click to enlarge so you can see all the detail.

In addition to the colorful outfit, the makeup was beautiful.

I wanted to include this shot because it shows just a bit of the performers personality.

We so enjoyed the Indian Market, I have one more series of photos of the Market, then I'll put up some other shots of Santa Fe.

Life is really good, we're having a ball.

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