Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photos from Las Vegas

I just thought I'd post a few of the pictures we've been taking from around this area.

This is the view out our big picture windows, taken at sunset. As I've mentioned before, there's just something about the light here.

And I'm bad, but I can't remember the exact name of this old Hotel, but it's a beauty. It sits right next to the Train Station, which now does double duty as a Train Station AND the Visitors Center for the city.

I liked the tree framing this shot, just one of the many old beautiful buildings here in Las Vegas.

You can see a lot of different building materials here. I really like it when you see these beautiful old brick walls combined with the native rock. Remember you can always click on any photo for a larger version.

Here's some of the vintage ironwork from the Train Station. Not a great photo, but I liked the curlicues.

Another beautiful old building.

I couldn't resist including this flower, I LOVE the pink against the blue sky.

This is just a bit of architectural detail from the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas. The plaza here is lovely, old buildings, a tree shrouded park, it's like an old movie set.

More from the plaza.

Here's the bandstand that sits in the center of the plaza.

This is one of the very old buildings on the plaza, it now houses a store.

This detail from the above store. So many of this kind of adornment has either been removed or fallen into disrepair, it was kind of like being back in the thirties to see it.

All of the following shots were taken at Storrie lake, most from our campsite. I REALLY like it here.

That light again.

And the skies . . .

I've looked these guys up in my books, and the best I can find is that they're some kind of a tiny squirrel. There's a lot of them around here, we see them scampering everywhere. We also keep lights on under the rig so they don't decide to take up residence in Cholula Red!

And one more shot of the lake and skies. Pretty wonderful, huh

We like it here, and boy, is Life ever Good.

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K.C. & Anne's Big Adventure said...

Great eye for local color. Light is always the key element of any area for me and a golden rule for photography are late and early. Avoid the mid-day sun like dogs and Enlishmen. Georgia O'Keefe had to have been attracted by the light as well as the terrain. There is a tranquility in what you share with us in the harsh environs of urban life that is like a cool drink or fesh breeze. Thank you for that. Just after 5, noodling around and listening to Segovia. Got the CDs. Great. Will return the favor asap. kc